The Original AllWays Pillow with 100% Organic Latex


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The AllWays Pillow contains 100% GOLS certified organic latex and is guaranteed VOC free.

Easily adjustable - simply unzip the pillow and remove the desired amount of organic latex filling depending on your sleep position. 

As our latex is 100% organic and not treated with any chemicals or substances, please allow up to one month for the natural latex smell to subside. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jill Mcfarlane
It’s a great pillow

I’ve been struggling with neck pain for a few years. I got this pillow hoping it would help and I’ve been using it for one week and my neck pain has been greatly improved! I’m hopeful that this will turn the corner for my neck pain. But since it’s only been a week I’m not certain yet.

Best pillow EVER

Having had neck issues and migraines my entire adult life, I’ve spent years and countless dollars on pillows hoping to find comfort. Found it! This pillow holds the perfect firmness, and is adjustable to my specific needs. Don’t let the lumpy appearance fool you…this thing is perfection.

Emalee Buttenham

I finally found the perfect pillow! I love that I can customize it to my needs and it’s incredibly comfortable to sleep on. On top of that, it has substantially helped with my neck pain!
You need one!

Great so far

I've been using this pillow for about 2 weeks now and my neck pain has greatly improved. No complaints so far!

Better Sleep

Took a couple nights to get the dialled in, after that, my sleep has been amazing. The organic filling seems to have also eliminated the off gassing that I’ve experienced from other mattress/pillow brands after taking them out of the packaging. Love my pillow.