The way nature intended.

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100% Organic

The AllWays Pillow is 100% unbleached organic Austrian cotton stuffed with 100% GOLS certified organic latex from Sri Lanka. No chemicals, compounds, flame retardants or VOCs are used - the way nature intended.


Easily remove organic latex stuffing to adjust the AllWays Pillow to your liking depending on your sleep position. Store the excess in the included zip bag and adjust as desired.


Organic latex is naturally a breathable material and the way our latex is shredded allows for optimal airflow. Organic cotton is naturally porous and wicks away moisture to keep you cool at night.


Organic latex and organic cotton are both naturally antimicrobial/antibacterial and resistant to bed bugs, bacteria, fungus, mold, dust mites and many allergens.


Our latex is 100% biodegradable as it is completely natural and untreated. Not only is it great for your health, but it is a sustainable alternative to sythentic materials.


Did you know you should change a standard polyester pillow every 6-12 months? Organic latex is extremely durable and will last you at least 5 years - that's 10x longer!

Our Organic Materials

The Rubber Tree

Pictured is the source of our 100% organic latex - the rubber tree. Soured directly from Sri Lanka, the trees are tapped and the sap that is extracted is formed and shredded to make the filling for the AllWays Pillow. This process is entirely natural and environmentally friendly providing you with the true sleep experience - the way nature intended.

100% GOLS Certified Organic Latex Fill

Once the sap from the rubber tree is then process and settled, it is shredded into small pieces to make our adjustable filling. The entire process is completely natural and results in a material that is safe, durable, responsive and temperature regulating.

3-Layer Padded Organic Cotton Cover

Finally, we wrap our organic latex filling up in our extra soft, padded organic cotton pillow case. Certified organic cotton is breathable and wicks moisture away to keep you sleeping cool. Our cotton is unbleached, pre-washed and certified to the highest STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

Customized to you

The AllWays pillow can be customized and adjusted to your individual needs. Whether you are a back, side or stomach sleeper the pillow loft can be adjusted until you find the perfect height.

Simply unzip the organic cotton cover to find the inner cover with stuffing. Unzip the inner cover and remove as much filling as necessary. Store the extra filling in the included resealable bag - or better yet, make another pillow if you enjoy a low profile pillow!

Good for you. Good for the environment.

100 Night Guarantee

Try your AllWays Pillow for 100 nights and rest easy knowing you can return it if you don't love it.

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Handmade in Canada

The AllWays Pillow is handmade in Canada with organic latex from Sri Lanka and organic cotton from Austria.


Is the AllWays Pillow really 100% natural and organic?

Yes! The AllWays Pillow is made from 100% GOLS certified organic latex harvested directlt from the rubber trees in Sri Lanka and processed in Canada. You won't find any fancy marketing buzzwords here for memory foam like most pillows on the market. The AllWays Pillow is simply how nature intended for you to sleep.

I'm a back/side/stomach sleeper. Is the AllWays Pillow right for me?

Yes! The AllWays Pillow is 100% adjustable. Simply unzip the pillow and remove as much (or as little) of the natural latex filling as desired depending on your sleep style. Store the excess filling in the included AllWays Pillow branded bag or use it to stuff another pillow.

How long will the AllWays Pillow last me?

It's not called the AllWays Pillow for no reason! Natural latex is extremely durable and responsive. Sleep experts say latex mattresses last for over 20 years and pillows last 5-10 years due to durability and natural antimicrobial properties. Say goodbye to fluffing your pillow every morning - this is truly the only pillow you will ever need!

Is the AllWays Pillow good for my neck and back pain?

Yes! The AllWays Pillow was designed with optimal posture in mind. Natural latex is inherently supportive because it conforms to your spine and is extremely responsive, ultimately minimizing pressure points. This coupled with the ability to adjust your pillow and customize it to the perfect height for your spine make the AllWays Pillow an excellent choice for back and neck pain relief.